On December 3rd and 4th, Shikohin held a collaboration wellness weekend event with RIZAP LA Weightloss Studio. There were also very exciting partners that contributed to the event as well. We had lunch and dinner catering from Jonah’s Kitchen LA, paired with organic hand-selected tea from Charles & Company. The yoga room was infused with essential oils and scents from J’aime (I Love), and each corner outside was filled with colorful bouquets hand-picked and created by Mone Flowerdeco.


With two sessions in the morning and in the afternoon, the Shikohin team successfully hosted a hour-long yoga session, sound tuning session, and a Japanese-style lymphatic massage.


Relaxation & Detox: Yoga and Sound Tuning Session


Shikohin means to indulge, or in other words, the enrichment of the body, mind, and soul. For example, taking 5 minutes out of your busy, hectic day to prioritize yourself and your body, or simply practicing breathing exercises that aid in regaining balance in your day.


Our certified yoga instructor, lymphatic therapist, and advanced facial yoga instructor, Yukari, guided us through an hour-long session of detox yoga that focused on breathwork, flexibility, strength, and core training to detox your body. The routine included sun salutations as well as exercises that pinpointed pressure points, known as tsubos, in the body to remove waste and promote blood flow.


Wellness SessionYoga


After an hour long session, participants laid down for their last Shavasana pose and listened to the calming frequencies of the sound tuning forks. The tuning forks are a gentle and non-invasive technique that is said to center and balance the energy flow in the body through the frequencies and vibrations of the tuning forks. Tuning forks 741Hz and 888Hz were used during the sound therapy session. The 741Hz is all about ‘centering’ and removing toxins, negativity, and anger in our lives. The 888Hz is known to be the sound of Jesus, which is known to activate overflowing abundance in our lives.


Japanese-Style Lymphatic Massage


After our yoga and sound therapy session, all participants gathered for a Japanese-style lymphatic massage, focusing on natural drainage of the lymph areas where most waste products are found. Using Shikohin products like the Tsubo-Oshi Massage Tool, Ceramic Gua Sha, and the Hand & Foot Massage Cream, we were able to provide and demonstrate at-home self and partner massages that encouraged lymphatic drainage. First, everyone applied some of the hand & foot massage cream, infused with maritime pine bark, and breathed in notes of hiba and camphor to relax and moisturize the body. The hand and foot massage cream also made it easier for the ceramic gua sha and tsubo-oshi to massage and glide on the skin.


Wellness SessionYoga




Many participants did not know that there were many lymph nodes that stored waste all around the body. Rolling around the tsubo-oshi massage tool or massaging with your knuckles on parts of the body like the groin area, underarm, and calves, relieved a lot of tension, extracted waste, and effectively encouraged blood flow. We used the gua sha for lymphatic drainage around the face, focusing on areas along the jawline, near the ear, under the eyes, and near the collarbone. Learning how to use the gua sha effectively and implementing it in your daily routine helps tone, depuff, and firm the face.


Massage ToolWoman giving reflexology massage with Japanese tsubo oshi massage tool


Our wonderful instructor, Yukari, left us with her only wish towards all the participants and those who want to start practicing self-care:


The most important concept that I wanted to put across is the importance and effectiveness of self-care. Regardless of your age or your experience, practicing self-care will provide you with a fresh start to your day or night and change your mindset, allowing you to look forward to living life every day. I hope that I was able to inspire and demonstrate the practice of at-home self-care to at least one person in our workshop. Thank you all so much for joining us!


We were overjoyed to hear such great feedback and responses from the participants. It was so satisfying to see so many people relaxed after the sessions and to see a difference in their body and face after the yoga and lymphatic drainage massage.

Jodie Myers, a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate commented:
It was lovely participating in your yoga and self-massage sessions at the recent Rizap Wellness Retreat. I've been using the Tsubo-Oshi massage tool almost daily along my legs, the bottom of my feet, my head, and my neck, and I've found that some of the pressure points have become less sensitive which is great! As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, what goes into products, especially skincare, is super important to me, and I appreciate what goes into yours! I loved your Hand & Foot Massage Cream. The scent and feel are both delightful. Thank you for a great line of products!


We hope to hold more events and wellness sessions like this one. It was such an uplifting experience, especially because everyone was able to take time for themselves, learn more about self-care and how to implement it into our daily lives, and focus on regaining their balance despite busy schedules.

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