As part of Shikohin’s dedication to bringing sustainable, natural and cruelty-free products to our customers, we’re excited to announce that Shikohin is now officially certified by the Leaping Bunny Program. This milestone sets the bar for a new level of quality that our customers can expect from Shikohin while enjoying the wisdom of ancient Japanese health rituals, guilt-free.

We’re determined in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and delivering the best products that celebrate holistic wellness and beauty, all while complying with Leaping Bunny’s standards. But how will it impact Shikohin’s products, our customers’ experiences, and the world at large? Let’s find out more about how our cruelty-free approach is better for both people and our furry friends.

What is the Leaping Bunny Program?

The Leaping Bunny Program was born out of the combined efforts of eight national animal protection groups known as the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) as a response to many companies’ confusing and potentially misleading labeling of animal-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products back in 1996. The Leaping Bunny Program promotes a comprehensive, internationally acknowledged standard and logo to serve as a trustworthy symbol for consumers that are looking for animal-friendly products.

To be accredited with the Leaping Bunny Certification, Shikohin, as well as other US and Canadian-based companies must follow a set of strict guidelines that include:

• Adherence to a fixed cut-off deadline for the company and its suppliers and/or manufacturers to stop involvement, commission, and conducting animal tests.

• Setting up a Supplier Monitoring System to ensure all related suppliers and manufacturers comply with Leaping Bunny criteria.

• Independent audits to ensure the Supplier Monitoring System adheres to Leaping Bunny standards.

• Annual commitment renewal to Leaping Bunny Program.

    All of these steps help bring consumers peace of mind, knowing they are choosing a Leaping Bunny-affiliated brand that was not tested on animals.

    How it Affects the World Around Us

    Cruelty-free products aren’t only good for the animals, but also for society and our environment at large.


    For example, chemicals that are potentially harmful are the ones that are commonly tested on animals. A cruelty-free product, however, utilizes more natural and sustainable ingredients that lessen the burden on our planet. On top of this, some studies have shown that an animal testing lab may also negatively impact our planet in many ways, such as:

    Producing Huge Amounts of Toxic Waste

    The main concern with the correlation between an animal testing lab and the environment is the staggering production of toxic waste, including animal excrement, excess feed, cages, bedding, needles and syringes, as well as the carcasses of animals used in chemical tests, among many others. Even after taking necessary precautions in the disposal of animal carcasses, the presence of harmful chemicals still poses a threat to environmental health and safety.

    Higher Energy Usage

    An animal testing lab may use up to 10 times more energy than an office space on a per square meter basis. This demanding energy use is attributed to the amount of power an animal lab needs for its ventilation system, power-intensive equipment, protective barriers from outside pathogens, as well as air and water regulation systems to keep the lab’s spaces and equipment cool.

    Harmful Gas Emissions

    As mentioned above, the equipment and carcasses need to be disposed of by the lab. The common method of disposal is by incineration, which produces noxious gasses, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide. Incineration of the chemical-filled animal carcasses may also release the chemical substances into the air, polluting nearby water, vegetation, and soil.

    In fact, a study conducted in Taiwan compares animal carcass incinerators with standard medical waste incinerators. The result shows that the carcass incinerator produces more exhaust gasses containing toxic heavy metals.

    Making a conscious effort to choose products that weren’t tested on animals will help to reduce many of the aforementioned hazards to our planet and to our health.


    Health that Leaves Positive Impact

    When we’re buying a health product, we have a goal: to be healthier. So, it makes perfect sense to pick a product that delivers the benefits on all fronts. Products that weren’t tested on animals curb the negative impacts to our health and environment while still providing the benefits we expect from a health product. These cruelty-free products benefit us in many ways, including:

    Fewer Chemicals In Our Bodies & Planet

    Cruelty-free products use non-toxic, natural ingredients, eliminating the need to be tested on animals in the first place. As a result, we expose our bodies less to the potentially harmful substances, minimizing risks to our health and our planet.

    Saves Our Furry Friends

    Animals such as rabbits or mice are subjected to many harmful chemicals to test their effects on living beings. This subjects these sentient beings to pain, fear and a caged life. If this sounds cruel to you, it’s a grim reality for those test animals that were used to make a non-cruelty-free product.


    Sends A Ripple of Positivity Through Society

    Many companies who have pledged to go cruelty-free are driven by a passion to lessen the negatives and create a more positive ripple in the consumer market and environment. Thus, many of said companies also have a program to dedicate a sum of each purchase for an active effort, either for the animals, nature, or other worthy goals. Choosing a cruelty-free product can keep the cycle of kindness and positivity going.

    Creates A More Mindful Health Practice

    Making a conscious decision to pick a cruelty-free product helps us to make better decisions on what goes inside of our bodies and on our skin. This can also lead to making more informed decisions about things that are good for both our health and our surroundings.


    A Dedication to Beauty and Health


    While this milestone is a major achievement for us, our commitment to providing a sustainable, cruelty-free and guilt-free experience for our customers does not stop here. Being accredited by Leaping Bunny is just the beginning. You can read more about Leaping Bunny here. If you’re craving more good reads to enrich your self care routine, our Universe section is well-equipped with information to help you on your health and beauty journey.

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