Our Purpose

To allow ourselves to indulge in the simple richness of life by appreciating the blessings of nature, recharging from the hectic pace of the modern world, and regaining balance and perspective in life.

Who We Are

Shikohin invites you to participate in immersive wellness experiences for beauty and mind. We offer simple self-care rituals by pairing highly curative Asian botanical skincare products with elegant functional accessories.

Our Beliefs

"We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it by promoting mental and emotional wellbeing, and building a brighter world for the future of our children."

"As a child, I forged edible wild plants and mushrooms with my father and learned about the importance of herbs and other botanicals.
In Japan, food has medicinal properties; we boil teas made from roots and flowers and take hot herbal baths to cure various conditions.
Growing up on an island, we cherished and respected what Mother Nature provides because we believe that people and nature should coexist in harmony."


The Founder

Mindful Skincare Potent. Pure. Plant-based.

100% Natural

Free from synthetics for gentle care

Cruelty Free

Leaping Bunny certified for a kinder world


No animal-derived ingredients for conscious skincare

Clean Ingredients

Uncompromised health and results


Traditional ingredients for modern healing

Tested & Approved

Rigorous quality, safety, and purity checks