In Japan, the daruma is a traditional doll that is known as a symbol of perseverance and good luck. But outside of Japan, little is known about the doll that rolls around and gets back up by itself. We’re here to give you all the facts about the daruma and the special story that is hidden behind its serious and stern look.


What is a daruma (ダルマ)? 

The daruma is a doll and symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Japan. They are also a simple and easy way to keep track of your goals.


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The Legend Behind the Daruma Doll

The term daruma derives from Bodhidharma,a Buddhist monk from India who spread Zen Buddhism to China and Japan. The current daruma doll that is popular and recognized was created during the Edo period. The daruma doll symbolizes specific teachings of the Bodhidharma such as:

  • Perseverance and taking action wholeheartedly to meet your goals and manifestations
  • Taking responsibility for all your actions
  • Being resilient and never giving up


Daruma rolling and getting up


How to Use a Daruma Doll

The daruma doll is carefully manufactured in a way where when lightly pushed over, it falls on its own, but bounces back up, stabilizing itself. This action represents the idea of 「七転び八起き」/ nana-korobi-ya-oki / (Fall down seven, get up eight). This Japanese proverb essentially means to always be resilient and push through, regardless of your circumstances and hardships. So when you receive your daruma, make sure to give the daruma a push and see it jump back in full force.



Setting Goals and Wishes with your Daruma

Along with being a great good luck charm, the daruma functions as a buddy to keep track of your goals and wishes. When you receive a daruma, the doll comes with two blank, unfilled eyes.

  1. Set a goal or manifestation for yourself and fill the daruma’s left eye
  2. When you achieve your goal or wish, fill in the other eye.

It’s a cute and simple way to maintain your goals!


In Japan, the darumas are usually given out during the end of the year to create new year’s resolutions but in modern day, the darumas are given out at any time of the year for any occasion, the most common being birthdays and when starting a new job.


And don’t worry! If you are not able to achieve your goal or your wish doesn’t come true, there is always a way to start over. Darumas are usually made out of paper-mache and clay, with a ceramic bottom, therefore allowing it to be burned. Our Shikohin daruma is made from recycled paper, natural clay, and crushed oyster shells,making it even more eco-friendly. Want a reset with your goals? Simply find a safe and open space to light your daruma and start from zero.


It’s never late to create a new goal and start over! Our daruma, made from recycled paper, can burn easily, allowing you to restart and set new intentions again.


Every gift bundle you purchase comes with our Shikohin daruma and an exclusive invite to our Shikohin.Life Instagram community. We hope to share goals and aspirations with each other, as well as support each other to reach our goals.


To receive a Daruma, purchase one of our beautifully wrapped gift bundles, or send one to someone you care about!



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