Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths that are suitable for everyday use and for gift wrapping. The Japanese wrapping cloth is reusable and multi-functional. Whether it's used to wrap our best-selling onsen bath tablets or to wrap a wine bottle, the furoshiki has got you covered. Learn how to wrap some of our favorite products and more down below.


How to Wrap: Traditional Furoshiki Style


Konjac Mochi Trio



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The konjac mochi trio is wrapped in the traditional furoshiki wrapping style. Refer to the video below and follow along. Place the furoshiki down on a flat-surface and set the three konjac sponges to the center of the furoshiki. Pull in the top corner and fold it under the sponges. Fold the corner closest to you to the other side. Pull the remaining corners from the left and right, and secure it with a double knot. The front part of the furoshiki should have a triangular cut in the center.


This wrapping style works easiest with gifts that are flat, square-shaped, and have a little bit of height. Books and bento boxes are perfect sizes!


KEY POINT: to get a perfect knot in the middle, pinch the two corners of the furoshiki and pull tightly to the center.


How to Wrap Konjac Mochi TrioKonjac Mochi Trio 


How to Wrap: A Square-Shaped Gift


Onsen Bath Tablets


The onsen bath tablet gift wrapping may be the most complicated-looking gift wrapping we have, but it’s actually the easiest one out of the three. Place the furoshiki down on a flat-surface and set the onsen bath tablets at the center of the furoshiki. Pull three corners of the furoshiki to the center and hold them together tightly. Pull in the last remaining corner to the center and tightly secure it around the three corners while moving the product. Tuck in the corner.


This style of wrapping is for any gift that forms a cube-shape or is cylindrical as it is easier to pull the corners in. Anything from a jar to a brand new rubix cube!


KEY POINT: to get the sleek, sharp look is to pull the last corner tightly when securing it.


Onsen Gift BundleHow to Wrap Onsen Bath Gift Bundle




How to Wrap: A Rectangular-Shaped Gift 


Tissue Box


The best part about the furoshiki is that it’s reusable for almost anything. Our furoshiki holds the perfect size to even wrap a tissue box. By following four simple steps, the tissue box will now look presentable to put on a table or in the living room.


How to Wrap: A Bottle


Wine Carrier


Any wine lovers? Our furoshiki is big enough to wrap and carry most wine bottles. Follow along the video to wrap the bottle and take it with you to impress your guests at your next party! Super compact when there’s a handle to hold and the bottle is decorated.



How to Create: A Handbag




The furoshiki can be used for everyday use as well, whether it is for holding groceries or using it as a small tote bag. In fact, the use of the furoshiki started in the Edo period as a 「風呂」(Furo) , meaning bath, and 敷(Shiki), meaning cloth. People would use the furoshiki to carry items to bath houses. Refering to the video, you can create and carry items in your furoshiki as well!






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