More Hydrating Than Hyaluronic Acid: How Shikohin Uses Natural Ingredients to Offer a Highly Effective CBD-Enhanced Skincare Line

Your nightly skincare ritual is a time to take care of yourself—your body and mind. Using wellness products like Shikohin’s that also nourish and enhance your holistic wellbeing is an essential part of a restful evening and a morning that allows your beauty to shine from the inside out. 


Shikohin is inspired by ancient Japanese wisdom and traditions that deeply respect nature and seek tocoexist peacefully in—and with—it. So when it designs products for you, it honors its commitment to nature by curating sustainably sourced, potent Asian ingredients for its beauty solutions. And then it enhances them with the highest quality CBD for healing and calming effects that allow you to enjoy inner peace and tranquility. 


Using natural alternatives doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. They can boost it. The key is finding the natural ingredients that can make the most impact, as Shikohin has with tremella mushroom, pine bark extract and tamanu seed oil.

Tremella Mushroom

Shikohin expertly formulated its Enlightening Night Serum with tremella mushrooms, or “shiro kikurage,” used in Japan and other Eastern cultures for thousands of years. Tremella, also known as the beauty mushroom or snow mushroom, contains natural polysaccharide compounds that help it retain nearly 500 times its weight in water while forming a light film to protect your skin.


Tremella extract’s hydrating properties are even more effective than the popular Hyaluronic Acid,

which is often manufactured for use in beauty products, creating a groundbreaking, plant-based, vegan ingredient for improving skin texture, elasticity and keeping skin soft and supple. Tremella also includes high amounts of vitamin D to help repair and prevent premature skin aging and enhance skin cell growth. And the mushrooms’ antioxidant properties, combined with the vitamin E that Shikohin adds to the serum, help prevent skin damage from free radicals. 


Tremella is the star of the night serum, which works to combat the signs of aging and fatigue as it targets dullness, uneven skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles and dryness, leaving skin feeling smooth and relaxed with moisture while you sleep. Shikohin also uses it in its Hand and Foot Massage Cream along with maritime pine bark extract, another superstar ingredient.

Maritime Pine Bark 

French maritime pine bark extract (Pycnogenol®) is proven to promote joint mobility and flexibility and naturally relieve aching, which makes it an ideal ingredient for Shikohin’s Hand and Foot Massage Cream. Packed with antioxidants, pine bark extract protects elastic tissue proteins and stimulates the genesis of new collagen and hyaluronic acid in human skin.


The pine bark extract works alongside tremella mushroom and copaiba balsam, which simulates cannabinoid receptors and boosts the anti-inflammatory CBD in the luxuriously hydrating hand and foot cream.

Tamanu Seed Oil

Another natural anti-inflammatory ingredient Shikohin curated for its collection of high-quality beauty and wellness products is tamanu seed oil. Used medicinally for hundreds of years in Asia and Pacific Island cultures, tamanu oil is extracted from the tamanu nut tree. The oil has effective healing and calming properties that soothe the skin and help reduce scars. It also contains antioxidants that fight the free radical damage that can lead to aging skin.


Combined with hemp oil and CBD isolate, Tamanu oil helps the Shikohin Enchanting Body Oil leave skinvisibly luminous and restored. You can also use the body oil in your hair for a refreshing scalp massage, as tamanu contains fatty acids that can calm an inflamed scalp.


No matter what Shikohin products you use as part of your self-care rituals, you’ll benefit from ancient Japanese wisdom paired with modern science so you’ll feel restored, revitalized and ready to conquer your day. 


Explore the entire CBD-enhanced wellness product line and learn more about the natural ingredients used in Shikohin products.

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