A full moon in many cultures signify an auspicious moment or meanings of abundance, completion, and transformation. Others allude to the astronomical meanings of the moon, where when the moon is directly opposite from the sun, people may feel a wave of strong emotions or of polarity. There is no doubt that we are all connected to the universe and the elements that surround us, including the moon. Here is a perfect way to restart and reset our lives for the year ahead, guided by the first full moon of 2023.


When is the First Full Moon of 2023?


The first full moon of 2023 lands on Friday, January 6th.

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Full Moon Rituals: What To Do On A Full Moon?


A full moon night allows us to completely let go and release anything that does not serve us anymore. This can be a physical or emotional release, such as cleaning up the house, writing down negative thoughts and habits that you want to get rid of. Another way to physically release all negativity, stress, and tension is through reflexology, in other words, self-lymphatic massages to detox your body of toxins and waste.


Many people are not aware of the amount of toxic waste that is stored around our bodies and the effects of a lymphatic drainage massage. Adding a little time of self-care will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, both physically and mentally. Down below you will find certain ツボ \ tsubo \ , also called pressure points, in the body to easily massage and release tension.


1. Pre- Lymphatic Massage: Moisturize and Apply Hand & Foot Cream


Before starting our reflexology lymphatic drainage massage, moisturize yourself with your favorite hand or body cream or oil. It will be easier to glide a massage tool or your hands when applying pressure on your body.


Our Hand & Foot Massage Cream, infused with an organic blend of snow mushroom and maritime pine bark, fully moisturizes your body. Close your eyes and breathe in the woody notes of hiba and camphor to put you in a state of relaxation.


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2. Massage Your Body Gently With A Massage Tool Or Your Hands


Take a massage tool, a tennis ball, or even use your knuckles.


Lymphatic Massage Point 1: The Solar Plexus


The solar plexus pressure point, found in the center of the hand, stores a plethora of emotions and nerves. Place your opposite thumb to the center of your palm and on your next deep exhale, gradually apply pressure. If you are using a massage tool, use the notch or pointiest area to slowly apply pressure on the palm. Breathe in and out deeply. Make sure to massage both hands.


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Lymphatic Massage Point 2: 湧泉 (Yuusen), Foot Massager


Taking a tsubo-oshi (pressure point massage tool), which doubles as a perfect foot massager as well, find the yuusen pressure point on your feet. This pressure point is found in the most hollow part of your foot. When clawing your feet, find the center point that draws back the most. This is the yuusen pressure point.


💡 This area might feel a bit sensitive as we don’t stimulate this point daily and many nerves are found here.


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This pressure point connects nerves from all around the body. Gently massaging this area releases stiffness found in the neck and increases blood flow throughout the body.


Lymphatic Massage Point 3: 合谷 (Goukoku), Hand Massager


This area is perfect for those who want to relieve tension and stress, especially from eye strains, shoulder stiffness, and headaches. This pressure point is located in the most hollow part between the index finger and the thumb. Place the massage tool on this area and slowly rotate the massage tool around while taking deep breaths.


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💡 Massage this area gently and slowly as it might feel a bit sensitive at first.



3. For Deeper Relaxation, Take A Hot Bath


With just a quick massage and self-care that solely focuses on your body, we hope that you are able to notice a change in yourself. Do you feel less tension in your body? If you are seeking a deeper relaxation for your whole body, try out our Onsen Bath Tablets for a full, warm, body soak. There are a plentiful amount of hot bath benefits such as improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and muscle recovery. Add in three of our tablets to your bath and inhale the notes of the yuzu citrus and hiba wood. Made to portray the hot spring baths found in Japan, warm up and soak your body for about 15-20 minutes.


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A 2019 reflexology study demonstrated the efficacy of reflexology, aromatherapy, and massage for advanced cancer patients. The study showed an enhancement to well-being that offered people an escape from their hardships and difficulties. Our bath ritual proves to be a perfect way to unwind and relax. Let us all connect back to ourselves, and in turn, connect back to nature and our surroundings, starting with the full moon of 2023.



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