Face Yoga Class: Week 2 Reflections

June 22, 2022

During Week 2 of our 6 part face yoga series, we focused on the neck. Naturally, as you age, the neck will sag and loosen, causing neck wrinkles, multiple chins, and sagging jowels...

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All Natural Anti-Aging: The Benefits of Face Yoga

June 17, 2022

Already well known in Japan, face yoga is gaining popularity in the United States, UK, and France.
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Our 3 - Step Skincare Guide for Stress Relief

April 28, 2022

This 3-step skincare routine helps bring balance to our bodies & minds. Learn about Japanese-inspired natural products for stress & anxiety relief.
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Cozy Self Care Routines
for A Tired Heart

March 08, 2022

Learn about the power and popularity of natural ingredients in skincare, and why this movement is vital for personal and global hollistic wellness.
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Natural Beauty Solutions, Enhanced by CBD

November 30, 2021

While some beauty products tout CBD as their main ingredient, Shikohin combines natural minerals, botanicals, herbs, and oils backed by ancient Japanese wisdom...
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