Ultimate Tool Duo - Gift Set

Practice holistic self-care with our custom-designed tools. Lift and sculpt facial muscles with our custom Ceramic Gua Sha and practice the art of reflexology with our silicon Tsubo-Oshi Massage Tools.



  • Tsubo-Oshi Massage Tool
  • Ceramic Gua Sha
  • Traditional Gift Wrapping Cloth (Furoshiki)
  • Shikohin Daruma


Tsubo-Oshi Massage Tool: 100% Silicon 

Ceramic Gua Sha: 100% Ceramic

For Tsubo-Oshi Massage Tool:Following our Reflexology Zone Chart apply gentle yet firm pressure on the tsubos (pressure points) around your body. This quick yet effective massage helps with body aches, energy flow, organ health, and re-centering the mind and body. Add the body or bath ritual into your self-care routine and feel at peace with yourself. 

For Ceramic Gua Sha: Prepare the gua sha with your favorite face oil or moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer and glide the gua sha in areas stated in the Gua Sha Gesture Guide.

Our hand-wrapped gift option comes with the furoshiki, a versatile, Japanese gift wrapping cloth. 

Made in: Kyoto, Japan 

Color: Navy 

Material:  100% Polyester 

What Else You Need to Know: The furoshiki can be used as a wine holder, a bag, an accessory, a handkerchief, and even a bento box holder.



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A daruma doll is a traditional doll that the Japanese use as a physical symbol of good fortune and manifestation.

It is made from recycled paper, natural clay, and crushed oyster shells from Takasaki, Japan. Every daruma is handmade and hand-painted.

The owner of the daruma creates a goal or manifestation and fills the daruma's left eye. When you achieve your goal or wish, the other eye is filled in. It's a cute and simple way to maintain your goals.

Japanese wrapping cloth used as a sustainable alternative to paper gift wrapping. There are multiple ways to wrap a furoshiki.